“Hey! We’ve been exposed to COVID and wanted to ask what are the best supplements for COVID 19 Recovery?”

I’ve gotten this message by text, email, and phone call many times over the last week so I thought I would create this blog to answer this question. If you know someone who needs this info, please feel free to share.

I was recently exposed as well this holiday season and I’ve been consuming loads of the nutrients I share below as well as nebulhzing hydrogen peroxide daily. For me, this years infection has turned out to be a sore throat. This is the second time I’ve had this viral infection. Last year my symptoms were a bit worse, a more severe sore throat, that lasted weeks, loss of taste and smell but no fever or body pain. It never went further than my throat. But I wasn’t nebulhzing hydrogen peroxide then.

This year my sore throat only stuck around for a few days. I’ve been consuming

and nebulhzing hydrogen peroxide 15-30 min 3x/day.  I began the nebulization of hydrogen peroxide as soon as I realized I had been exposed.

Proactive measures and a quick response when you begin experiencing mild symptoms can significantly influence the severity and duration of infection.

Below you will find a variety of herbs, botanicals, and nutrients that possess robust antiviral properties, and can improve immune function in the presence of a viral challenge. You will also find basic preventive measures, in addition to these specific nutrients, that can be a valuable defense strategy for supporting an immune response against an acute infection.

Your Lifestyle is the Best Medicine and Protection Against Infection and Resiliency.

Many factors contribute to the development of chronic disease. But most experts agree that obesity, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, smoking cigarettes, over-reliance on antibiotics and excessive alcohol intake lie at the forefront.

The fact is: health is seriously threatened by diseases that are caused by factors existing within our control. This is both heartbreaking, and hopeful. Because it means the key to fighting modern plagues could be as simple — and revolutionary– as making proper lifestyle choices.

When you have healthy lifestyle habits you build resiliency, longevity, immunity and happiness.

Wait, What? Happiness?

Yes, because there is never a time when the mind is not influencing the body and the body influencing the mind. This is why happy people tend to be healthier and why when the body is sick you tend to be in depressed or easily frustrated. It’s not rocket science, it only takes a little contemplation to notice how the mindbody works. Yes, I intentionally wrote mindbody because there truly is no separation. The mind is the body and the body is the mind. The mind is not just in your physical head.

For Preventative Support

  • Listen to your body, if you’re tired rest, if you’re thirsty, drink, if you’re hungry, eat.
  • Sleep as early as possible before 10 pm. When you resting, focus on truly relaxing the body, let go, let go, let go and then let go even more.
  • Eat organic and Non-GMO. I know, expensive, but you pay now or you pay later. That’s the bottom line.
  • Eat what’s in season, a variety of colors, and mostly plants.
  • There is no one diet for everyone and there is no one diet for any individual ALL the time. Our diet should change in response to the time of year and our body’s current health status.
  • Drink clean water.
  • Smart Exercise. It may be hot yoga, it may be running, it may be yin yoga, depending on the person, and depending on your current health status.
  • Stop eating before 7pm and fast for at least 12 hours every night, as a lifestyle habit.
  • Avoid alcohol, recreation drugs, sugar, processed foods. They disrupt the microbiome and your gut lining, compromising your immune system and making you more susceptible to infections and chronic health conditions.
  • Do things that make you happy.
  • Nourish your body with this combination of supplements that will boost your immune system and protect your health:

For Advanced Support

What to do if you’ve been exposed or are having symptoms:

  • Eat nourishing soups, bone broth soups, either from chicken or beef bones. This is good for the gut, which is where the majority of your immune system resides.
  • Nebulize Hydrogen Peroxide (3% hydrogen peroxide, either food grade or the kind you get at the drug store) (see below).
  • Consume high amounts of Vitamins C (1000mg 3x/day), D (5000-10,000 IU/day), zinc (50-100 mg/day), magnesium (300-500mg/day), glutathione, quercetin, and elderberry. (Learn More about where to find these nutrients in food)
  • The following kit is a comprehensive arsenal of these nutrients at higher amounts and is designed to support an acute infection.

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Nebulization of Hydrogen Peroxide

Nebulization is an ancient process, dating back 3,500 years to ancient Egypt, that converts a liquid form of a medication or therapy into a fine mist that can then be directly inhaled. This allows the medication or therapeutic agent to directly contact the lining of the sinuses, oral cavity, throat and respiratory tract.(1)

Pathogens such as fungi, viruses, bacteria create biofilms, mucous-like films, within the first 24- hours of colonization in the body. Biofilms protect them from anti-microbial treatments like antibiotics. This makes infections hard to eradicate. Because of these biofilms these microbial colonies remain in the mucous membranes that line your nose, throat, tongue, sinuses, and gut even after you are “feeling well”. If you have abnormal gut health, constipation, diarrhea, or diagnosed with IBS, for example, you likely still have chronic pathogen colonization that is continuing to reinfect you. Because they are not systemic, and only cover certain tissues, you do begin to “feel better” but you are still being exposed to these pathogens and the chemicals they make in your body, which leads to chronic inflammation and toxicity.  Dr. Levy says the lion share of these colonies can be taken out with routine nebulization of hydrogen peroxide.  Thus stopping the incessant 24/7 exposure of your gut to these pathogens and toxins.

In his ebook Dr. Thomas E. Levy details his compelling “4 Step Infection Treatment & Prevention” protocol for viruses.

You will learn:

  • Coronavirus infection symptoms
  • Coronavirus prevention protocols
  • Coronavirus treatment: Peroxide nebulization
  • Coronavirus treatment: Far Infrared sauna
  • Coronavirus treatment: Ozone
  • Coronavirus treatment: Vitamin C
  • Coronavirus treatment: Convalescent plasma
  • Coronavirus treatment: Chloroquine

How Do You Nebulize?

I found it difficult to just run to the store and purchase a nebulizer because you need a Doctor’s prescription. But you can buy online without one. Doesn’t make sense but that’s what I found out, the hard way. So I bought mine from Amazon. Click here.


(1) Martin A, Finlay W (2015)Nebulizers for drug delivery to the lungs. Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery 12:889-900. PMIDD 25534396

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