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Feel Younger and Stronger Longer w/ NMN

The best NMN supplement – Liposomal NMN Synergy™. This powerful formulation is
designed to support energy production, DNA repair, and healthy aging.

Numerous longevity science studies have now tagged NMN as the anti-aging molecule. anti aging supplements nmn

• Unique formula for healthy aging*
• The only NAD precursor using liposomal delivery for enhanced absorption
• Includes synergistic compounds to support
metabolism and cell function*
• NMN serves as an effective precursor to support
healthy NAD+ metabolism*

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Liposomal NMN Synergy™ is a potent nicotinamide mononucleotide supplement formula containing 50 mg of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and 50 mg of trimethylglycine (TMG) per serving to support healthy aging and cellular function*.

NAD+, short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a powerful anti-aging molecule important for the youthfulness and resiliency of our cells. It is present in all living cells and critical for energy production, DNA repair, and cell survival. But by middle age, NAD+ levels dramatically decline to half that of our youth. Numerous studies have demonstrated that boosting NAD+ levels with it’s precursor NMN increases insulin sensitivity, reverses mitochondrial dysfunction, and extends lifespan.

  • Healthy aging*
  • Normal metabolic function*
  • Healthy blood sugar metabolism*
  • Normal cognition and brain function*
  • Normal cellular function*
  • Healthy energy production*

Liposomal NMN Synergy™ is the only NAD+ precursor using a liposome delivery for enhanced bioavailability.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1. Zhu XH, et al. In vivo NAD assay revels the intracellular NAD contents and redox state in healthy human brain and their age dependences. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 2015; 112:2876–2881
2. Suave AA. NAD+ and vitamin B3: from metabolism to therapies. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2008. March;324(3):883-93
3. Lee CF, et al. Targeting NAD+ Metabolism as Interventions for Mitochondrial Disease. Sci Rep. 2019. February 28;9(1):3073.


Recommended Use: Take 1 mL (approximately 2 pumps) and hold in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing, or as directed by your health-care practitioner. Take on an empty stomach at least 10 minutes before meals. May be stirred into a small amount of water.





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