Mindful Eating Series

Eat to Detox and Maximize Your Health


Eat to Detox and Maximize Your Health

Is life living you or are you living life?

50/50 lifestyle and meditation coaching, the Mindful Eating Series is an on-line program designed to teach you how to use food and lifestyle choices to maximize your health and performance so that you have the mental and physical energy to do what you love to do and feel the way you love to feel.

How will this benefit me?

  • Loss of cravings
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Weight loss
  • Stable energy & mood
  • Reduction of allergic symptoms
  • Radiant skin and eyes
  • Greater motivation and creativity
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Greater Self-awareness
  • Better Self-regulation

This is right for you if:

You feel tired, foggy and fat.
Your body aches with chronic pain or stiffness.
You have chronic digestive system issues.
You suffer from migraines, headaches, backaches.
You are angry, depressed, or anxious.

You want a smarter, sustainable, natural approach to your health for long-term results.
You are determined to learn more about your body/mind and the role your lifestyle plays in your health.
You feel like life is overwhelming and running you.
You want to improve your capacity to address life challenges with love and understanding.
You want to slow down the aging process and maximize your health & vitality well into your old age.

 The next Mindful Eating Series starts Sept 6 thru Nov 1, 2018.

8 consecutive Thursdays 2PM or 4PM PST (alternating times to accommodate schedules).

To ensure individualized attention there is only room for 10-12 participants

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Colleen Doyle

 Walnut Creek, CA

“The program isn’t as challenging as I had expected, I have already lost 9 lbs (7 in the first week and 2 in the 2nd week) and far from being tired, I am actually feeling more energized! I am especially excited that I no longer experience gas, bloating, & the painful cramping that particularly plagued me at night (for the past several years)! I am sleeping better, and I am waking up about an hour earlier each morning. Although I didn’t know it then, I think I was depressed- not really ready for the day. Now I am pretty amazed at how much easier it is to get things done. I actually look forward to mornings again!”  

Danielle Williams

 Walnut Creek, CA

“I feel like I have lost 20lbs! My body is moving so much easier, I have good energy and do not feel like I am 90 years old. I lost 10 lbs, feel less bloated and have less pain in my joints. I am loving the food (thought I could not live without meat) now I do not miss it. I am sticking to a plant based diet so that I can continue to lose weight. The mediation and journaling have become a standard part of my day. I feel more in control of my emotions and much more happier. Thanks Dr. Kat!”  

Anita Johnson

San Ramon, CA

“This program has jump-started me to return to a pathway of overall well-being. I am in a much better physical, emotional and spiritual space than I was when I started.”  

Jaime L

It feels good to fit better in my skin.

I’m so thankful I signed up for this series. What an amazing month! My most important learned lesson is what I eat should be about providing my body with nutritious food. Not about eating due to stress, or boredom, or giving in to cravings. I haven’t had cravings since I started on this program. My goal is to eat this way 90% of the time.  I found preparing my food became enjoyable again. I no longer need something sweet after a meal. Staying on course was easier than I thought it would be. Of course, losing weight provided extra incentive. Around the third week, I noticed my brain was more alert. Added bonus! And, even though I’ve been a good sleeper pretty much my whole life, the quality of sleep is better. I used to get warm flashes. Those have disappeared since I’ve started the Dr. Kat eating plan.  

Jessica Mitchell

San Diego, CA

“It is day 4 and already my energy level is better!! Today is the first day I can recall in a very long time that I have not had a significant drop in energy – and that feels so great! And there are times I feel a calmness inside that is hard to explain. Almost like I’ve just rested or meditated. But there is a physical relaxation I’m starting to feel that feels really good. The plan has been so easy to adjust to and I am really motivated and confident that I am changing from the inside out!”


Nanette B.

Boise, ID

“Feel good, look good, and love youself! Dr. Kat Lewis can reverse time with her knowledge, patience, and willingness to help. I’m the lucky one! Thank you Kat for introducing me to this new way of being. This has brought me back to the perfect state of well being. I would recommend your knowledge to anyone! I am now down 15 lbs. Average loss of 2 to 3 lbs per week! I am stoked! Loving this!! Thank you, thank you!!!


Program Overview

3 Month Mentoring Program Includes:

• 12 Weekly Group LIVE Education, Coaching & Accountability Calls with Functional Medicine expert Kat Lewis, PhD

• Access to recorded webinar (in case you need to miss) and guided meditations.

• Mental exercise to strengthen and balance the brain

• Relaxation Techniques

• Nutrition Tips & Recommendations

• General nutrition and exercise Protocols and Eating Plan, including

  • Shopping lists
  • Meal Planner
  • Recipes
  • Lifestyle tools

•Discussion of functional lab tests available with general  guidelines for interpreting results (no personal attention)

•15% Discount on supplements, protein shakes, fiber (coupon code does not expire)


Q: Do I need to supplement?

A: The Mindful Eating Series was designed to teach you diet and lifestyle tools so that your body can naturally release toxins. Depending on how toxic you are you may feel uncomfortable the first few days. Supplements can greatly assist you in this process and make this process comfortable and unnoticeable. 

Many of the chronic illnesses we face today are due to deficiency or lack of nutrients. This is a result of a combination of malabsorption due to compromised digestive systems, as well as nutrient deficient food and toxin buildup. When the digestive system is compromised you cannot digest and absorb nutrients, even if you are eating good nutritious food. Therefore, in today’s world supplementation is absolutely necessary for healing and restoring balance.

 You want to be sure you are using high-quality, therapeutic-grade supplements that have all been vetted for purity and efficacy. You can access a dispensary of some of the best formulations out there from my website supplement menu.  (www.drkatlewis.com)

Q: If feel hungry after meals, what should I do?

A: You will be eating plenty of food and you will learn how to design meals so that your hormones and blood sugar are balanced. When these are balanced you will not be hungry. Once you know the proper proportions of food groups most people find they are not hungry between meals and do not need to snack.  You may feel a slight withdrawal in the first few days if you are giving up a lot of caffeine or a lot of sugar. Have faith, it will pass, and it will all be worth it!

Q: Will I be in the bathroom all day?

A: It is very important to consume extra water while detoxifying to help flush out toxins. Therefore, most people urinate more often than usual on this program.

Q: Will I lose weight?

A: This program is not designed to be a weight loss program. However, because this program enables your body’s ability to detoxify many people lose weight during the course of this program. If you have weight to lose it is highly likely you will lose weight. The body stores toxins in fat cells because they are the least reactive cell in the body. By eliminating incoming toxins and allowing the body to release stored toxins you reduce fat and inflammation and weight loss is often a result. 

Q. Will I get headaches?

A: Some people experience headaches during the first few days of their detox due to withdrawal from sugar and caffeine. Remember, the week prior to detox you will be decreasing intake of these substances to minimize discomfort. You have the option to purchase additional supplements that will assist your body in cleansing out these substances as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Q: Can I exercise?

A: You may exercise normally (monitor yourself, of course). Some days you may feel fatigued. On these days, you may want to limit yourself to gentle movement such as walking, stretching or yoga, etc.

Q: Should I continue with my regular vitamins?

A: If you choose to use the Designs for Health protein powder PaleoCleanse contains many vitamins and other nutrients to help meet your daily requirements. You may suspend natural supplements during the detox if your health care practitioner agrees, but continue to take any medically prescribed pharma- ceuticals. Ask your health care practitioner if you have any specific questions.

Q: What about organic produce?

A: Fruits and vegetables that are consistently the most contaminated with pesticides should be purchased organic. These include:







Bell Peppers



Kale/Collard Greens Potatoes

Grapes (Imported)

If organic varieties are not available, fresh fruits and vegetables that consistently have the lowest levels of pesticides are the safest choices for conventionally grown produce. Check out Environmental Working Group’s Clean 15.

These include:



Sweet Corn



Sweet Peas







Sweet Potato

Honeydew melon

See if this is right for you

The Mindful Eating Series is an on-line program designed to teach you how to use food and lifestyle choices to maximize your health and performance so that you have the mental and physical energy to do what you love to do and feel the way you love to feel.

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