Walnut Creek, CA

I have lost about 25 lbs, most of it within the first couple of months on the program.

After about 3 DAYS on your program, my intestinal distress (cramping, bloating) ceased. (These gastrointestinal issues were with me for most of my adult life & I am now 67 years old)!

After about a month on your program, my energy levels increased. They have been steadily increasing ever since.

I feel better now, and have more energy at 67, than I did in my 40’s.

I have attended several events lately where old friends and coworkers I haven’t seen in about 3 years have all commented how wonderful I look!

and last but certainly not least: your advice regarding mindfulness (and especially the Yoga Nidra for Pranic Healing), has been priceless. Recent events in my life would most likely have “derailed” me if it weren’t for these meditative practices.

Dani W

 Walnut Creek, CA

“I feel like I have lost 20lbs! My body is moving so much easier, I have good energy and do not feel like I am 90 years old. I lost 10 lbs, feel less bloated and have less pain in my joints. I am loving the food (thought I could not live without meat) now I do not miss it. I am sticking to a plant based diet so that I can continue to lose weight. The mediation and journaling have become a standard part of my day. I feel more in control of my emotions and much more happier. Thanks Dr. Kat!”  

Anita J

San Ramon, CA

“This program has jump-started me to return to a pathway of overall well-being. I am in a much better physical, emotional and spiritual space than I was when I started.”  

Jaime L

It feels good to fit better in my skin.

I’m so thankful I signed up. My most important learned lesson is what I eat should be about providing my body with nutritious food. Not about eating due to stress, or boredom, or giving in to cravings. I haven’t had cravings since I started on this program. My goal is to eat this way 90% of the time.  I found preparing my food became enjoyable again. I no longer need something sweet after a meal. Staying on course was easier than I thought it would be. Of course, losing weight provided extra incentive. Around the third week, I noticed my brain was more alert. Added bonus! And, even though I’ve been a good sleeper pretty much my whole life, the quality of sleep is better. I used to get warm flashes. Those have disappeared since I’ve started the Dr. Kat eating plan.  

Jessica M

San Diego, CA

“It is day 4 and already my energy level is better!! Today is the first day I can recall in a very long time that I have not had a significant drop in energy – and that feels so great! And there are times I feel a calmness inside that is hard to explain. Almost like I’ve just rested or meditated. But there is a physical relaxation I’m starting to feel that feels really good. The plan has been so easy to adjust to and I am really motivated and confident that I am changing from the inside out!”


Nanette B.

Boise, ID

“Feel good, look good, and love youself! Dr. Kat Lewis can reverse time with her knowledge, patience, and willingness to help. I’m the lucky one! Thank you Kat for introducing me to this new way of being. This has brought me back to the perfect state of well being. I would recommend your knowledge to anyone! I am now down 15 lbs. Average loss of 2 to 3 lbs per week! I am stoked! Loving this!! Thank you, thank you!!!


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