Inability To Lose Weight

Tried everything but can’t lose the weight?

There are underlying reasons that your body resists weight loss and wants to hang on to extra weight. Inflammation and a compromised metabolism due to stress are the most common reasons. We all know stress as mental/emotional stress; perhaps a divorce, a death or an illness in the family, or it could be long hours at work or loss of work, or running yourself to thin with kids and life obligations.  Stress also comes from our environment: drinking water, air, and food. We also have dietary stress, we may be intolerant to the food we eat or we may be eating too much processed food. Not so obvious environmental toxins are exposure to mold or mercury toxicity from fish or from metal in our teeth. Personal care products are loaded with toxins that are absorbed by the skin. Another less obvious toxin is all the hours we spend on technology. How can electronics and social media be toxic? What they do is they don’t let the mind rest. If the mind doesn’t rest, the body doesn’t rest. If the body doesn’t rest your metabolism is compromised.

The stress could have occurred many years ago and that occurrence could have put you body systems in a compensatory state and each passing year you put on a few more pounds. Your stress response is designed to help you through times of stress. But when chronically engaged for months and months then years and years it begins to falter. And since this stress response regulates many of your other body systems, your metabolism and inflammatory system, you begin to put on weight. Cortisol, your body’s primary stress hormone is produced by the adrenal glands and plays a key role in your metabolism and inflammation. Long term stress, either emotional, dietary, or pain/inflammation causes cortisol to become depleted or low. A state commonly called adrenal fatigue or adrenal burnout. If your cortisol levels are out of balance your body will store fat instead of using it for fuel. The body is in survival mode and it is storing fuel for long term survival.

Using a functional medicine approach we can test and correct your key body systems that may be contributing to your weight-loss resistance and empower you with simple and sustainable lifestyle tools to restore your optimal body weight for long term success.

About Dr. Kat

Dr. Kat Lewis offers Functional Medicine Programs to help overcome chronic illness through therapeutic health care services including diet changes, nutritional supplements exercise, lifestyle, and stress management.

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