Feel like you’re always tired?

Do you somewhat struggle to make it through the end of the day.

This may have been going on so long that you feel it is just a natural part of life. But it doesn’t have to be.

Sluggishness at the start of your day and your sore back at the end could be caused by the same thing: excess inflammation.

Inflammation is our body’s natural response to infection and tissue damage.

It’s essential to the healing and recovery process, but…

Chronic low-grade inflammation is NOT healthy, and can actually cause damage.

Scientist now understand that is is actually this low-grade inflammation that is the root of most dis-ease.

When our bodies function normally, inflammation is only present when we need to heal.

However, over time, poor diet or exposure to certain chemicals can limit your body’s ability to regulate inflammation.

​This leads to a whole list of possible problems:

Swelling from inflammation pushes on nerves and causes muscle pain and cramps.

Inflammation in the sinuses can lead to breathing problems and congestion that can interfere with healthy sleep.

An inflamed gut can’t properly absorb nutrients from food, starving your body of the fuel and also pokes holes in your gut leading to what is called “leaky gut” where the gut is now more permeable and therefore substances that should not be getting in to your blood stream are now getting in.

Our bodies have a powerful antioxidant called glutathione that works to reduce inflammation.

More glutathione means less inflammation.

But… adding more to our bodies isn’t as simple as eating it, because by itself, glutathione is easily destroyed by our digestive system.

Luckily, there is a safe, natural way to allow us to naturally raise glutathione levels.

Black Cumin Oil, also known as Black Seed Oil is a naturally occurring nutrients found in Black Cumin Oil. Black cumin oil works with our body’s ecosystems to allow us to produce more glutathione.(1)

In fact, there’s recorded data of humans using it for its anti-inflammatory benefits as far back as ancient Egypt!

Traditional medicine has recognized these healing properties for centuries. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, had also documented its benefits.

Western medicine has only recently taken notice to Black Cumin Oil as an alternative to the overuse of drugs like Advil and Naproxen to reduce inflammation. (2)

The frustrating thing is that those drugs actually deplete your glutathione levels, which can cause more inflammation when they wear off.

What’s different about Black Cumin Oil is its natural processes.

The minerals found in Black Cumin Seed Oil help the body control inflammation rather than treating it directly. Black Cumin Oil isn’t a bandaid, it supports your body’s ability to fix itself.

Even adding just a teaspoon of this delicious oil to your meals will support your body’s glutathione levels, reduce inflammation, and help raise your energy levels to new heights.

So, you may see more energy, less fatigue, less pain… great, right?

What’s even better is it’s loaded with additional health benefits, all attributed to reduced inflammation, such as:

Weight loss
Thicker, more youthful hair growth
Improved digestion
Relief from respiratory issues
Clear skin
Healthy blood pressure
Stronger immune system
Healthy cell growth
Headache relief
Improved prostate health
… and numerous others.

There are many ways to reduce inflammation through diet and lifestyle changes, but for an immediate and measurable result, adding Black Cumin Oil to your diet is an incredible starting point for reduced inflammation and increased well being.

Don’t spend another day fatigued and lacking in energy.

Improve your digestion, breathing, and quality of sleep, all while losing weight and strengthening your immune system!

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