One of the largest contributors to chronic health problems is not being in touch with your true nature. What do I mean by true nature? Innate strengths and abilities unique to you. What motivates you and drives you, things you do, represent, or think about without trying. We all have unique gifts to offer to our environment (i.e., our family, friends, colleagues, earth) it could be that we are here to inspire and motivate, make others laugh, remove obstacles, ease pain, help people feel safe, bring awareness to a particular cause, help others find meaning, etc…whatever it is, the purpose is to contribute to the whole (as opposed to extracting for the self). Our schools and culture haven’t done so well in cultivating the development of these unique individual strengths nor do we cultivate the idea of contributing to our community (we are more conditioned to look at ways we can extract from our community). Consequently, people feel stuck in careers they hate and for which they find no joy. They aren’t contributing in a way that feels natural or comes with ease. Think about how many hours a day we spend working or worry about work. Our kids learn by watching and they are then conditioned to follow in our footsteps. Days, months, years of working at something you hate or just tolerate can and often does lead to depression, lack of vitality, and eventually chronic illness (if that seems like a stretch keep reading).

The more in touch we are with our purpose the more confidence we have, the more joy, the more meaningful our life.

Some people are fortunate enough to know (either consciously or unconsciously) what their purpose is. These are the people you admire because they seem to have it all together, they’re peaceful and happy. Things seem to show up for them right when they need it. When our thoughts and actions are in alignment with our true nature the more in-flow we are with our surroundings and the healthier we are both emotionally/psychologically and physically. Why? Because not knowing our purpose creates unease, lack of confidence, and lack of joy which spills over into the rest of our lives and agitates the mind. Your body is a physical representation of your mind. The negative thoughts associated with lack of confidence and mild depression map to regions of the brain that result in a cascade of biological reactions that suppress the immune system, digestive system, and the reproductive system and prolonged suppression of these systems leads to many chronic health conditions like the inability to lose weight, infertility, digestive system issues, attention issue, brain fog, depression, anxiety, autoimmune, then cancer and other degenerative diseases.

If you find yourself asking, “What’s the purpose of all this?” invest in yourself and find out. My friend Brandon Peele, whom I met by going through his purpose discovery course, has an extraordinary method for helping you. After completing this my life lit up! I no longer had any uncertainty about what I had to offer and what I ‘should’ be doing. The clarity brought unwavering self-confidence. No longer did I ask “Is this really my life? really?” because I knew I was here to inspire and teach people how to keep themselves well. I had received a Ph.D. in biochemistry many years ago but because I wasn’t applying it in a way that was in alignment with my innate abilities or natural desires, I suffered. I spent many years thinking I went to school for nothing, that I chose the wrong career path. It was depressing; all that schooling for what? A job I found no satisfaction in? It was highly stressful and was ultimately affecting my health. I admired people who loved what they did for a living but that seemed like an unreachable dream for me.

 I wanted what they had and now I have it.

Imagine if we knew what our strengths and weakness were and had the confidence to say so. I posit we’d have greater emotional intelligence, better physical health and a happier, more peaceful existence. It’s never too late so don’t wait, and help your kids find theirs. They don’t need to be doctors or lawyers or make a ton of money, they just need to do what comes naturally for them. If you’re trying too hard to make something work, it may not be the right fit.

Imagine what our society would be like if we all contributed in a way that was natural for us.

Within months of completing Brandon’s program, I enrolled in the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine which focuses on finding the root cause of chronic illnesses. As Functional Medicine practitioner, I listen to my clients (first meetings are 1-2 hours), it’s a partnership. I teach and show them how their body and mind work to affect the whole of them so they are better able to take care of themselves. I address the root cause which is related to the way we engage in and interpret life. This includes what meaning or lack of meaning we place on our lives. I’m filled with joy when I see them improving and their symptoms resolve as result of our work together. I don’t need to be famous to do this, I only needed to be this for the people in my environment. This is my offering. This is my purpose. WTF is yours? Find it here.

Ever so grateful for you Brandon Peele! Much Much Love!

PHOTO: UnSplash

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