30-45 minutes after your workout is the best time to consume a protein shake. Immediately after a workout your muscles are looking to be re-nourished (eating a meal takes to long to digest), so add a shake to your post-workout routine and watch your size shrink! Nurture your muscles, they’re your fat burning machine. The more lean muscle mass you have the more calories you burn at rest. Don’t use the scale, I threw mine out years ago. Muscle weighs more than fat so the scale will just make you feel bad! Use your skinny jeans as a measure.

Next to whey, pea protein has the highest amount of leucine, the rate limiting amino acid in muscle-protein synthesis. Check out the Nutritional Supplements for Arbonne’s delicious protein shake (chocolate is my fav). And Ladies, I’m not talking about building bulky muscles, I’m talking long lean muscle and since I’m on the topic I highly recommend pilates, yoga and/or a barre workout like NextBarre or Dailey Method. These are highly effective one hour routines that hit almost every muscle in your body. The isometric holds build long, lean muscles and work fast at changing your shape… try it for a month and you’ll see! Further, resistance training guards against osteoporosis, what more can I say….

Muscle-building effect of protein beverages:

Date August 18, 2011

Soure: American Society for Nutrition

Summary: In two new studies, researches concluded that muscle metabolism after exercise can be manipulated via dietary means. In terms of the most beneficial timing of protein intake, immediate post-exercise sconsumption appears to be the best. Furthermore, leucine may play an especially important role in stimulating muscle growth in the postactivity recovery period.

​’Consuming the large bolus of whey protein immediately after exercise increased muscle protein synthesis more than when periodic smaller doses of protein were consumed. In the second study, muscle protein synthesis was 33% greater after consumption of the leucine-enriched protein beverage than after the lower-leucine drink.​’

Muscle-building effects of protein beverages

​Leucine content of different protein sources differs dramatically (grams Leucine per 100g product):

Whey Protein Powder: 9.0 g
Pea Protein Powder: 8.4 g
Dried Egg White Powder: 6.83 g
Soy Protein Isolate Powder: 6.78 g
Casein Protein Powder: 6.65 g
Dry Nonfat Milk: 3.54 g
2 Whole Eggs: 2.17 g
Dry Black Beans: 1.72 g
Ground Beef (95% Lean): 1.67 g
Whole Wheat Flour: 0.89 g

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