I’m going to warn you now, this is pretty anti-climactic. But truly this is what we hope for! (Picture is of my family snowmobiling in Montana)

The week before Christmas I went to Montana with my family for the holidays. The first 3 nights I was there the house alarm kept going off in the middle of the night, consistently every few hours! It was terrible, can you imagine this blaring alarm, right outside my bedroom door. Errr!  I wasn’t getting any sleep, which made me tired during the days.

After my brother’s family arrived we were staying up really late, 1-2 am, for pretty much the entire week of Christmas! That’s uber late for me, I go to bed around 10PM. I was also still waking up early, out of habit, which was further depleting me and lowering my resiliency…which made me more susceptible to the infection. I say this because not everyone in the house got sick and I truly feel that if I had taken better care of myself in the days preceding, I likely wouldn’t have shown any symptoms at all.

For me, COVID19 was just a cold. I never had a fever, it never went below my throat, it felt like a head cold. It started just before Christmas. I remember driving home from the grocery store just days before Christmas and I felt a tickle in my nose and I sneezed. In that moment I thought “hmm, I never sneeze, I may be getting a cold”. The thought of the virus didn’t enter my mind. Even when the symptoms started getting stronger, having to clear my throat, a slight runny nose. I never once thought it was the virus. I just assumed I caught a mild cold because that’s what happens during these winter months, especially with lack of sleep.

The symptoms for others in my family ranged from no symptoms at all to one day of fever to a few days of fever with cold/flu symptoms. No one was hospitalized. We took high doses of Vit C (5 g/day), zinc (50-100 mg/day), N-acetyl cysteine 1200 mg/day in divided doses, magnesium (300-500 mg/day) and fish oil and a good multi-vitamin. Most of this I take routinely anyway.

So for me I had cold symptoms which was basically phlegm in my throat for three weeks and a mild runny nose. My sister-in-law had about 1-2 days of symptoms. My brother a little longer because he was letting himself rest and of the kids, two were completely fine with no symptoms at all and the other who has had allergy and gut issues most his life had symptoms for a few weeks. So while this was pretty anti-climactic I wanted to share these experience to give you hope if you haven’t experienced it. Fear does and will make your experience worse. Fear literally turns on biological pathways in your body that cause the body to breakdown and lowers the ability of the intelligence I spoke about in the first video to heal you.

Have you ever been so nervous you kept having to go to the bathroom? Have you been so angry or fearful that your heart was pounding through your chest? Have you heard of people being so fearful of chemotherapy that they vomit before they even get to their appointment. This is how fast our mind and emotions influences our bodies every single moment of every single day. While these are extreme cases, our mind and emotions are influencing the chemistry in our bodies all day long.

My recommendation is to take care of your body, your mind and your emotions NOW. Support your physical body with nutrients, food, exercise, meditation, movement, sleep, nature and JOY now! When the body is tired, rest, develop habits that build resiliency. Don’t wait for the perfect time, the perfect time is now. This will build your resiliency to the virus and anything else that comes your way. Because there will always be something. Believe you have a strong, intelligent body that knows how to heal! If you feel symptoms coming on, rest, rest, rest. Chill out, nourish yourself, use your mind to relax the body to let the intelligence that is you, your energy, heal and regenerate the body. It is doing this all day long everyday, but the degree to which in can depends on the resources it has and it is up to us to provide these conditions.

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