Stronger Leaner Healthier 14-day Mobile App

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STRONGER, LEANER, HEALTHIER DETOX Program and My Well World Mobile App make it easier to achieve the you you’ve been waiting for!

  • Easy-to-use mobile tracker to help you keep a close eye on your nutrition, exercise, mindset, and goals.
  • In app videos on health, mediation, breath work, exercise, cooking, meal prep and more!
  • A complete nutrition plan, recipe ideas, shopping lists, lifestyle tips, exercises, videos, automated reminders so you can stay on track.
  • eBook- Decreasing Your Toxic Load
  • You’re not alone – message me via in app chat!


Are you wishing 

  • your gut was working better?
  • you had energy to do the things you love to do and feel the way you love to feel?
  • your sleep was sound and you wake up refreshed?
  • your skin was glowing from the inside out?
  • your tummy was flat and you were able to maintain your ideal weight?
  • you weren’t so sensitivities to certain foods?

Is it possible? Absolutely! Our 14-Day Detox & Cleanse Program equips you with everything you need to make healthier choices—meal plan, recipes, grocery lists, a health tracker, daily tips, informative videos, exercise, meditation & yoga and more! Small changes with big impact. 

It’s like having a health coach in your back pocket! It’s time to start making progress on the goals you’ve been trying to achieve. How does that sound?

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