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1 Nutrient Deficiency Test Kit
1 GI Map Test Kit
1 Sex Hormones + Cortisol
1 One-on-One 90 min Video-Consultation to review your results and customized action plan.
1 Fedex shipping to and from lab (US only)
1 Written report of results and plan of action to address results.

How:  After completing your purchase you will receive a test collection kit from each of the 3 lab companies (allow up to 7 days to receive this kit). You collect the stool and urine samples in the privacy of your own home, then you will send the sample in the pre-paid postage back to the lab. The Micro-nutrient test requires a blood draw. Click here to find a draw station near you. The draw site will collect the sample and ship it to the laboratory testing site for you. Once we are notified that the sample has been tested we will meet to discuss the results and the plan of action to address the findings. Please allow up to 7-days to receive your test kit and another 14-21 days for the lab results.

Why:  To get a comprehensive snap shot of the current state of your key body systems purchase all three functional medicine labs. The combination of information that is attained from the test results of all three labs is highly informative and often leads to better results for you. If  the gut is compromised it is likely you are deficient in nutrients that support the healing process. There is synergistic relationship between the body systems. If you’re stressed then the hormones of stress compromise the digestive tract and when the digestive tract is compromised you can become deficient in nutrients that drive the reactions in the body that help us heal and feel well. To find out more about each test click the links below.


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